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Haou and Hitori Edit by Reika-Ahilla Haou and Hitori Edit :iconreika-ahilla:Reika-Ahilla 5 4 Atsuya playing by Reika-Ahilla Atsuya playing :iconreika-ahilla:Reika-Ahilla 7 4 Little Atsuya by Reika-Ahilla Little Atsuya :iconreika-ahilla:Reika-Ahilla 9 10 The computer of Reika by Reika-Ahilla The computer of Reika :iconreika-ahilla:Reika-Ahilla 11 9 Puppet Neku by Reika-Ahilla Puppet Neku :iconreika-ahilla:Reika-Ahilla 5 0 Walfa Shiki by Reika-Ahilla Walfa Shiki :iconreika-ahilla:Reika-Ahilla 6 0 Reika chibi wolf by Reika-Ahilla Reika chibi wolf :iconreika-ahilla:Reika-Ahilla 7 6 Revolucion Nekona by Reika-Ahilla Revolucion Nekona :iconreika-ahilla:Reika-Ahilla 5 0 Taemin Chibii Lineart by Reika-Ahilla Taemin Chibii Lineart :iconreika-ahilla:Reika-Ahilla 3 0 Key And Jong Chibii Lineart by Reika-Ahilla Key And Jong Chibii Lineart :iconreika-ahilla:Reika-Ahilla 2 0 Judai And Reika by Reika-Ahilla Judai And Reika :iconreika-ahilla:Reika-Ahilla 8 14 Judai vs Johan x Reika Lineart by Reika-Ahilla Judai vs Johan x Reika Lineart :iconreika-ahilla:Reika-Ahilla 2 6 Judai And Reika Lineart by Reika-Ahilla Judai And Reika Lineart :iconreika-ahilla:Reika-Ahilla 2 0 Vamos a Duelo! by Reika-Ahilla Vamos a Duelo! :iconreika-ahilla:Reika-Ahilla 0 0 El Rey Chazz! by Reika-Ahilla El Rey Chazz! :iconreika-ahilla:Reika-Ahilla 1 0 Un Nuevo Slifer by Reika-Ahilla Un Nuevo Slifer :iconreika-ahilla:Reika-Ahilla 2 0


Love and dueling chapter 9 worlds end and beginnin
Judai pov
After I saw a possessed Johan take down Ryo or should I say Ryo took down himself, Johan left through the gate and he left through the gate. Before we left Diachi said to us “I discovered all out friends are alive just trapped in somewhere between worlds until Yubel is stopped.” I then headed for the gate but Sho and Chronos said “we are coming with you.” Then Diachi said “I have to stay here with Tanya and help keep things under control with the loss of the supreme queen things are getting even worse.” We then left through the gate as I said “I will make sure to bring you home with us.” After I said that I looked back to see the boy’s face full of blush.
Yubel pov
It was hard to control Johan until I placed his soul inside the rainbow dark and covered it with my darkness. The problem was those monsters took a lot to control, I had to use all the darkness I could to tame 7 crystal beasts and their god dragon, along with ke
:iconmichelous:michelous 9 3
Letters From a Forgotten Lover - One
Sleep. Good sleep. The kind of sleep so deep you wake up feeling like everything in life is amazing. I don't remember what that feels like. I've spent too many years in car seats and armchairs to remember what good sleep is. The others don't understand. They don't get why I can't go to my room and lay down on the bed and close my eyes. Like nothing happened. But it's not just my room, it was ours. Not my bed, ours. And without you next to me to warm the sheets, I just can't seem to relax enough to even catch a few minutes of precious unconsciousness. I don't even dream any more.
Kibum... Key... I miss you. I miss you so much that it hurts. It feels like a part of me has been ripped away, leaving me with a hole in my chest that refuses to heal. Everyone says to just give it time...But the longer I go without you, the worse I feel. I can't think straight anymore, and I can barely eat. Everything is tasteless. I miss how you used to cook for us, and nag and whine when we didn't eat. You u
:iconjordiepi:JordiePi 1 1
Itsume Family by josand Itsume Family :iconjosand:josand 9 6 Pixie Fairy by josand Pixie Fairy :iconjosand:josand 9 3 Uh...Moo? Judai is turning into a cow X3 by YukoFudo Uh...Moo? Judai is turning into a cow X3 :iconyukofudo:YukoFudo 1 0 Vampire Jonghyun by Machi1765 Vampire Jonghyun :iconmachi1765:Machi1765 9 3 KEY | 0923 by ACNg KEY | 0923 :iconacng:ACNg 8 3 YGO GX-Haou Collage I by sasuke-dragon YGO GX-Haou Collage I :iconsasuke-dragon:sasuke-dragon 69 10
On The Edge Chapter 3
A couple of days later, Freja was out for a walk again. It had gone better, but the problems wasn’t gone, she didn’t expect anything else. She had told Miss Fontaine about her problems with Crowler and her classmates. She was not impressed by her colleague, but had sadly not expected anything else from him. The last few days Freja hadn’t been very social, more locked herself in. Afraid of anyone seeing her, and bothering her again. Bird sang cheerfully, but the clouds were big, thick and gray. Rain was on its way, but she didn’t care.
“Freja?” A voice asked her carefully. She turned around and saw Patty walked up to her, looked a bit concerned.
“Hej Patty… Sorry about the other day…” Freja apologised with a smile. Surprised, Patty looked at her “sister-in-law.”
“It’s okay, you were really down and needed alone time,” she said and tried to smile. Freja nodded, mumbled a “mhm,” then look
:iconceciliethehedgehog:ceciliethehedgehog 5 1
On the edge Chapter 2
While running, some of her friends called her to see what was wrong, but she never stopped up. Not even slowing down. She ran to the girl’s dorm and to her room. Ignoring the other girls there gave her a weird look. After smacking the door, she locked it and then drew the curtains so it was almost completely dark. She then sat down in a corner and finally let herself cry her heart out. The whole world was against her! Or so she felt. Her Red Eyes Chick Dragon had summoned itself and tried to help her, but she ignored her spirit-partner. Who had to leave her. There was nothing it could do to make her happy again.
While Patty walked around campus, she thought about Freja and how she had acted. All she did was offering relaxation, and she had turned it down almost rushing.
,,I hope she is okay…” she thought and sighed.
“Hello Patty, you alright?” She looked up from the ground and saw Jim there sat with Shirley on his lab, looked concerned at her.
“I cou
:iconceciliethehedgehog:ceciliethehedgehog 4 0
On the edge Chapter 1
Freja walked fast out of the main building. She have had enough. Her head felt like it could explode any second, how she longed to go home. The other students was both curious, and scared of her, because of her lose control of her powers. Sadly, however, most of them feared her and always either took a step back, or walked in a big circle around her, simple because they didn’t know when she would lose control again. Then those few there had been curious only watched and talked about her powers and how fascinating it was, even when she clearly could hear them. It made her feel sick, it was like they observed her like an animal in a laboratory, in the zoo, or a freak were they tried to figure out what went wrong. How she hated it. It was not her fault that she had lost control… or was it? She walked straight towards the girl’s dorm, not thinking twice on stopping or look back. All she wanted was to get into her room and crash down on her bed, and stay there until the ne
:iconceciliethehedgehog:ceciliethehedgehog 6 11
Happy Birthday, Kim Kibum! by Elflover21 Happy Birthday, Kim Kibum! :iconelflover21:Elflover21 10 2 KingKiBumDay by Machi1765 KingKiBumDay :iconmachi1765:Machi1765 16 0 Judai is my angel :3 by YukoFudo Judai is my angel :3 :iconyukofudo:YukoFudo 8 0 Haou wants to cry by YukoFudo Haou wants to cry :iconyukofudo:YukoFudo 2 54
Love and dueling chapter 8 paying for sins and get
Love and dueling chapter 8 paying for sins and getting over sins
Judai pov
I was dreaming and having nightmares of the things the supreme queen made me do, then I woke up to see Sho, Ryo and Edo around me. I then asked Edo “did I really do all of that stuff?” the gray haired girl said “at least a part of you did that? Saiou feared the darkness in you but also didn’t fully understand it.” then Ojama yell said to me “Johan is alive but he looked different.” I then asked “how different?” the beast monster said “his eyes kind of looked like yours when you were in supreme king.” I then passed out.
Amon pov
When gave up to Yubel she gave me a connection to her. After making it to this new world I wanted to rule it and to do that I needed power, the power to defeat her and the supreme queen. While hiding from the queen’s army I found a cave with exodia on it. when I faced the chamber I heard exodia say “do you want
:iconmichelous:michelous 8 0




Reika-Ahilla's Profile Picture
Johan Andersen
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hablo español e ingles~

I'm Shawol Blinger XD! and playing in rolplayer as Johan (Gx), Reika (Oc) and Jonghyun (SHINee) me gusta editar~ aun que tambien dibujo en cuaderno y block :3 ademas adoro leer fanfic *^* Amo leer y escribir tanto como dibujar y si es Johan/Jesse/Jehu (Yugioh Gx) Oh en el caso del K-Pop Jonghyun o Taemin (SHINee) están como protagonista mucho mejor *u*

Reika is my Oc in Yugioh Gx my shipp is:

-Reika (Oc) x Judai
-Johan x Haou (Yaoi)

Que haría yo sin música???
yo me inspiro por la música y el K-Pop es mi pasión *u*


mi lista es mas larga XD! pero lo dejare hasta ahi~
y Las series mas juegos que mas Adoro en el mundo *O*

-Todos los Yugioh's (en especial Yugioh Gx)
-The world ends with you
-Inazuma Eleven
-Corazon de Melon :v

tambien tengo una lista mas larga XD pero mejor corto hasta ahí~
ahora bien, escribo en wattpad, mayormente de Yugioh Gx~
por si gustan leer aqui el link n.n pero la demanda popular me exige Yaoi LOL XDDD!!
Leer la advertencia~



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